Customized Craigslist Ads

PPC Ad Marketing can design and create Craigslist ads to look like your flyer, brochure or website with clickable links to your website, facebook, twitter etc.... Stand out from the crowd of plain,text ads and draw attention to your Craigslist Ad with a custom designed ad. We create and design your craiglist ad to look just like your website, flyer or brochure with clickable links, coupons, pictures etc... We can also maintian your craigslist ad to stay on top of the listings and drive more traffic to your website!

$99.00 to design a customized "Clickable" craigslist ad based on your flyer, brochure or webiste graphic. Optional $25.00/month to maintain your ad on craigslist and re-post twice per week. Click on the pictures below to view actual craigslist ads.

Ardy's Gallery of Window Coverings                                       Local Pro Locksmith

Custom craigslist ads       Customized craigslist ads

Shade Industries                                                                     On the Go Casino

Customized craigslist ads      Custom craigslist ads