Pay per click advertising frequently asked questions

Where will my pay per click ads appear?

Your ads will appear at the top or along the right-hand side of the search engine web page, under the Sponsored Links or Sponsored Results heading.  Your ads may also appear on the search and content sites on the Google Network or the Yahoo Content Match.  These are sites that are relevant to your keywords and have allowed search engines to place ads.


How soon will my pay per click ads appear?

Once we receive your completed form and contract, your campaign will be up and running within two weeks.


What does the set up fee include?

   1. Initial consultation to go over all details of pay per click program.
   2. Set up of individual search engine accounts.
   3. Input of all keywords and phrases.
   4. Design of ad layouts based on keywords and ad campaigns.
   5. Cost per click analysis to come up with optimum bid for each keyword or phrase.
   6. Analysis of existing website and landing pages.
   7. Run and test ads.
   8. Set up and/or update of local business profile in search engines you are using for your pay per click campaign.


What does the monthly fee include?

   1. We will monitor your website traffic, ads, and keywords, and make adjustments as necessary.  We will add new search terms as needed, run special sale ad campaigns, and offer our professional advice on how to better utilize your ad dollars.
   2. We will provide you with a comprehensive monthly report that measures the results of the pay per click campaign.
   3. Monthly billing of pay per click fees.


How much of an increase will I see in my website traffic?

This can vary due to a number of factors, including, but not limited to:  monthly pay per clcik ad budget, geographic area, competition using pay per click service, keyword bids.  PPC Ad Marketing will monitor your campaign to ensure website traffic increases within your monthly budget.


How long is the contract term?

A six-month minimum commitment is required for all pay per click campaigns.  After the first six months, a month-to-month program goes into effect.  30 days written notice will be required to cancel after the contract term expires.


How will my budget be set?

Your monthly budget will be set based on your needs and particular situation.  Once that budget is set, we enter it into the system.  This will ensure that your budget is never exceeded.  When your monthly budget is met, your ad campaign is temporarily turned off until the following month, or until you increase your budget (based on the success of the campaign.)


How does my budget affect my ad performance?

The larger your budget, the more your ads will display, and the more likely you are to get a click to your website.  We suggest a starting pay per click budget of $500.  We can increase this at anytime as you start to see results.


Where will my ads be targeted?

We will use everything available in the system to target your ads to the area you service.  Search engine programs vary, but as a rule, Google and Yahoo use IP addresses to determine the searcher’s location.  Google is much more advanced in the areas of specifying a searchers area.  We will employ whatever method we need, depending on the factors for your situation.  These include, but are not limited to:

   1. Using search engines pre-set regional setting if you are located in and service a large metropolitan area.
   2. Using a radius campaign that only shows ads to searchers with an IP address within a specified radius of your location.
   3. Using city specific names you provide, which will show your ads to searchers with an IP address only in those cities you specified, or who include the city name in their search term.
   4. Using a national campaign that displays ads anywhere in the country, but requires the searcher to input your city name with the keyword term.


What kind of reports will I receive?

We will include monthly reports at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s activity.  We will include summary and detailed reports of all activity, and make sure you understand the data and results.   


How do the pay per click bids work, and what is the cost per click (CPC)?

Search engines rank ads based on a number of factors.  The most important factors are:

   1. The maximum price you are willing to pay when a user clicks on your ad (CPC).
   2. The click through rate (CTR) or popularity of your ad for each keyword vs. that of your competition.

          The CPC can be affected by many factors, including, but not limited to:

   1. Popular words:  broad search terms will likely cost more than specific, narrow search terms  (i.e. the keyword “doctors “ will likely cost more than the keyword “obstetricians.”)
   2. Geographic Area: the keywords in a metropolitan area will cost more than in a rural area.  The keywords in a national campaign will cost more than in a local campaign.
   3. Timing:  since pay per click campaigns can be turned on and off , the CPC can vary depending on how many competitors are bidding on a keyword at any give time.  You may pay more for a keyword click on Monday than for the same word on Tuesday, or you may pay more for a keyword click in the afternoon than you paid in the morning.


What determines my ad placement rank?

All ads are given a Quality Score to determine the ad placement rank.  This is determined by a number of factors:

   1. Click through Rate (CTR) of your ads compared to the other ads on the page.
   2. The relevance of the keyword and ad to the search query.
   3. Landing page quality.
   4. Account history measured by CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account.


How will I know if my campaign is working?

We cannot guarantee that a pay per click campaign will get you more sales.  What we can guarantee is more traffic to your website.  Once we help customers get there, it is up to you to close the sale.  Have an offer or a “special” prominently listed on your website landing page to grab the consumer’s attention.  Consumers will decide within 10 seconds of clicking onto your website whether or not it looks interesting enough to go any further.  It is absolutely critical that you track all of your leads and, more importantly, all of your sales.  Have a phone log for your receptionist that specifically asks where the customer heard about you.  Put a form on your website that offers a coupon or a free giveaway if they fill out the contact form.  At the very least, you need to know exactly how every prospect you close found you.  Then, do some simple math to see if the leads and sales generated by the pay per click campaign warrant its continuation.


My business is home-based.  Will pay per click work for me?

Pay per click is an ideal way for home-based businesses to advertise, especially if you are selling product via the Internet and do not have the option of traditional advertising methods.


How will PPC Ad Marketing bill me?

We will automatically charge your credit card at the end of each month for the next month’s fees.  Example:  You are running a Google pay per click campaign with a monthly budget of $300.  The last week of December, PPC Ad Marketing will charge your credit card $300 for the January pay per click fee and $125 for the January management fee.


What if I want to increase/decrease my budget or make other changes?

Contact us. We can normally make all changes effective within 48 hours of notification.


What happens at the end of my 6-month contract term?

If the program is meeting your expectations, we will renew on a month-to-month basis.  If not, you are free to cancel, and your pay per click campaign will be turned off.  30 days written notice is required to cancel after contract term is up.