Pay per Click Management (PPC)

PPC Ad Marketing is the small business expert in pay per click management (ppc management). Although many pay per click providers exist, Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center are the three largest. Costs per click (CPC) vary, depending on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword or key phrase.  PPC Ad Marketing works with all three. However, Google has the strongest program available for pay per click, and recent search engine reports show Google has an 60% plus share in the search engine market.

Pay per Click Management for Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Ad Center

Pay per click advertising offers full control over your ad copy and keyword targeting, and can be a very effective tool to increase your brand's exposure in the search engines.  Combined with an SEO and Local Business Listing strategy PPC gives you more  exposure and more sales!

Pay per Click Management Phoenix

Of all the advertising programs and channels that are available, pay per click is the most targeted Internet marketing channel available today.  Imagine you could run an ad in the newspaper for your product or service, but pay the newspaper ONLY if someone interested in your product or service actually calls your business after seeing your ad.  You would probably run lots of ad in a newspaper like that.  Pay per click works exactly that way.  You do not pay for the ad to show, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad and is taken to your website. Pay per click provides superior return on investment of your advertising dollars by sending qualified leads to your website. See example below:

Monthly Paid Clicks 100
Conversion % 2%
Average Cost Per Click $2.00
Average Sale $500
Monthly Campaign Cost $200
Conversions 2
Sales Total $1000
Cost of Goods $500
Profit $300
Return on Investment 150%

Consumers looking for information and products on the Internet typically use search engines to find what they are looking for, and normally click only on search results that look relevant to their search.  We can guarantee traffic to your website – the sale is up to you!  The reason you have a website is to advertise and inform potential customers about your product or service.  The best designed website on the Internet will do absolutely nothing to increase your business unless potential customers can find it, and find you!

Visit our Pay per Click FAQ's for more detailed information on how the pay per click management program works.

Small Business Pay per Click Management (PPC) Program

Our small business ppc management (PPC) program starts at $250.00/set up fee and $150.00/month management fee:

  • Initial consultation to cover all details of the Pay per Click (PPC) campaign
  • Set up of individual search engine accounts
  • Set up of up to 6 campaigns
  • Comprehensive keyword analysis and input of all keywords and phrases
  • Design ad layouts
  • Cost per click analysis to determine optimum bid for each keyword and/or phrase
  • Analysis of existing website and creation of new landing pages as necessary (maximum of 6)
  • Run and test ads
  • Inclusion in search engine local business results
  • Website analytics creation where applicable
Larger campaigns and landing page creation available at addtional cost.

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