Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been around for a number of years now and is a must have for any small or large business. Traditionally your customers would find products through search engines, and while that is not going away any time soon people are looking elsewhere for products and services. Social media is filling this gap, there are millions of people asking their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites for opinions on products and services, even where to buy them. Many businesses structure their social media campaigns wrong and simply spam their users' walls and update pages with offers. For a successful campaign you need to interact with your customer on a regular basis and establish a trusting and personal relationship with the customer through conversation before you try to convert leads. A successful social media campaign is never too self-promoting.

PPC Ad Marketing can help your small business with a complete social media marketing program. Our experts will research your customer base and create a social media strategy that suits your business and goals perfectly. We can handle everything from setting up your account as well as managing your profile. We offer different plans with daily or weekly postings, targeted friend adding, and interaction. We can also design your profile and fan pages to keep your online brand consistent throughout your whole social media and internet marketing campaign.


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Small Business Social Media Marketing Program

Our small business social media marketing plan includes the following all for $150 set up and $75 per month maintenance: