Website Analytics and Tracking

In order to make informed online and offline marketing decisions and to maximize return on investment a web analytics package from PPC Ad Marketing needs to be implemented and tracked.  Strategic business decisions need to be based on hard data and thorough analysis rather than on assumptions. Small business' need to understand:

  • How visitors are finding your website
  • How long they stay on your webiste and what are they viewing
  • Source of visitors who complete the desired call to action on your site such as make a purchase or complete a lead generation form.
  • How much your campaigns cost and cost per conversion
  • Which campaign returned the highest and lowest return on your marketing budget investment

You want your share of the market and you need to track return on investment, visitor path, and sales conversions. You need quick visibility to improve your marketing strategy and that makes Web Analytics critical to your search engine marketing optimization success.   This does not need to be expensive.  There are many tools, such as, Google Analytics that have no cost except for the implementation of the code on your website. This will provide valuable information from the Web Analytics tools to improve your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Website Analytics

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